Review: Capilla Ardiente – The Siege

Capilla Ardiente – The Siege (High Roller Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Before I’d even heard a note, I had already expected to pummelled by a full-on Thrash assault or maybe a barrage of unholy Black Metal… but no, Chile’s Capilla Ardiente stretch 4 tracks over 46 minutes and serve up some beautifully epic Doom.

A couple of the tracks clock in at over 13 minutes and the other 2 are around the 9 minute mark, so these songs are epic, in every single way. And everything is just note perfect.

The lead guitar work is incredibly tasteful and the vocals of Felipe Plaza Kutzbach will please fans of Candlemass, as well as fans of Manowars’s Eric Adams. The music is almost completely different to Manowar’s, bar a similar-ish bass tone… but vocal wise, the power will definitely appeal to fans of one of my favourite vocalists (Eric Adams)… I’d place him just behind, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, and of course the greatest singer of all time, Mr Ronnie James Dio….

But I digress. This isn’t really an album to dissect. It’s got slow parts, and sometimes, even slower parts and now and then, a fast bit etc… So what I do with an album like this, is just sit back and let it wash over me. If you’re into this kind of Metal, you simply absorb everything and marvel at how fucking good it sounds.

I genuinely love Doom, but it’s not a genre I play enough. Hopefully this album will change my way of thinking and I give the genre a more frequent outing…. Especially as Autumn is fast approaching, and Doom is the perfect soundtrack for that time of year.

The Siege is out on September 13th on cd and vinyl (and presumably digital)

HRR 695, ltd 750, 150 x gold (HRR mailorder exclusive), 300 x silver + 300 x black vinyl


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