Review: Nightfell – A Sanity Deranged

Nightfell – A Sanity Deranged (20 Buck Spin)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

I’ll be polite and say the biography that came with this release is a touch overly wordy… the words pompous and overblown shall not escape from my lips…. much.

So, cutting through all the crap, Nightfell have produced an album that doesn’t really fit into any neat pigeonhole, which may explain the need for an overblown biography.

What my ears are getting is a solid base of rumbling Death Metal. And from that base, it shifts off via a series of tangents: Be it death grunts, Doom infested slower parts, fist banging intensity or more atmospheric shenanigans.

Like a constantly changing shape, it keeps its core intact, but the overall appearance is always on the move.

My favourite part of the Nightfell sound is when they effortless up the pace. It’s a seamless transition, as is the expected dropout into something slower or more atmospheric. And the atmospheric side to Nightfell sometimes steers itself into a Pagan / Viking state of majestic splendour, especially on the finale of the 3rd track, As Now We Must Succumb and into track 4, To The Flame.

To be honest, this album is pretty much perfect. I’m generally not a big Death Metal fan, but this mournful alternative is simply captivating. And the album has made the transition from promo to an album that I listen to for pleasure. And that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, so coming from me, that’s a huge compliment.

The soundtrack to Autumn has arrived….

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