Review: Olymp – Olymp

Olymp – Olymp (Self Release)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Apparently, Olymp want to “reach the Olympus of the Metal gods”… well, that’s still no excuse for such a terrible band name. As this is the bands debut EP, I’d highly recommend changing it. Even if it’s to something like Mount Olympus… that has to be better than a half a word band name.

Ok, major gripe out of the way, time for the music.

Musically, this is actually ok. Nothing ground-breaking, it’s Old School Metal, and with zero frills.

It’s chock full of quality Teutonic riffage and semi-shouty vocals, which have a slight Punk tinge to them. The only criticism I have is that some of the lead guitar work could do with being a bit more tuneful as they can sound like an out of tune version of very early Black Sabbath in places.

But for the most part, this four tracker is a good opening salvo from “Olymp”. I was expecting something akin to Iron Maiden (there is a bit of Di’anno era Maiden in their sound), but it’s also Ozzy era Sabbath meets early Mercyful Fate, as far as the music goes, with the aforementioned vocal style, instead of Ozzy or King Diamond fronting the band.

It’s the riffs that do it for me though. And going forward, I really hope they utilize this on their next release and iron out a few of their shortcomings as there’s definitely a decent band in the making here.

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