Review: Infest – Under the Sign of Legion

Infest – Under the Sign of Legion (Defying Danger Records)
Review by Milos Sebalj

When it comes to the Serbian Metal scene, Infest is a household name. Over a decade and a half of existence, 5 full length albums and numerous tours across Europe has made them a force to be reckoned even abroad. Now, as they are preparing their next output, Infest offers two brand new songs on a beautifully designed 7” clear vinyl.

If you have listened to Infest before you can skip reading at this moment and go hunt for a copy of the EP right now, as it is very limited. The rest should be well aware that Infest does not strive for originality or innovativeness that has come to be very appreciated over the last decade. This band has long ago branded their Thrashing Death Metal and they are sticking to the formula, with ever-so-slight variations which are suited for a band with such a background. Still, the idea remains the same. Fast and furious Death Metal of (mostly) European origin, intertwined with Thrash Metal riffing and rhythms. What might be noted here is the more extensive presence of melodic guitar lines which reared their shy heads on the latest Infest releases just to have their more prominent place here. Especially on the title track which, although still brutal enough, probably bears the notice of what the next Infest record might hold in store.

On the ‘flip side’ you get a somewhat slower, marching tempo and a song which already carries more of the trademark Infest sound. It is important to note that “Legija” is written in Serbian which is a rare case for this band, although Vandal (vocals, rhythm guitars, music and lyrics) even has a book of poems published where he proved blasphemies are not the only thing he’s good at.

Speaking of lyrics, two things must be clear if you’re going to give this quartet a chance. Blasphemy is one, and the ever-present hymns to Metalheads are the other. In this particular case you have two of the latter ones. Both tracks carry a similar message of unity and strength in unity for Metalheads worldwide. This concept is clearly very important to the members of the band, as it should be to any one of us whose hearts are beating to the sounds of Metal drums.

Considering the small amount of vinyl singles produced, Infest has produced videos for both tracks, which you can easily find online, so that nobody is left in the dark about the tracks presented on this release.

Concluding this short EP (and review) I must mention (again) the cover art which came to be another one of Infest trademarks. One thing I did notice is the coloring of their covers which seems to have a tendency towards the colors of fire, brighter or darker. It might be read as monotonous to some, but it does fit to the music presented, as it does flame up the anger of those on the other side of the speakers.

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