Review: Sangvis – Post-Noir

Sangvis – Post-Noir (Self Release)
Review by Milos Sebalj

It is not a secret anymore that Russia has a vast and vibrant Metal scene. Variety of genres, bands, and labels is staggering on the one hand, but on the other it shouldn’t be a surprise. Just consider the size of the country itself. So far, however, the sheer quantity discussed here hasn’t been enough to give birth to some seriously big act. Apart of some Pagan or Folk Metal bands who managed to break some barriers, there hasn’t been a big breakthrough. There may be many reasons for this, but I’m not going into it deeper. I’m here to focus on the latest effort of Sangvis.

First thing I must mention is the complete lack of any sort of biography. Thus, I will rely on what ‘Encyclopaedia Metallum’ has to offer. The band is 10 years old, though their discography starts in the year 2018. Still, their latest release is a compilation of demo recordings dating back to 2012. Who knows!? The fact is that a biography would certainly help a lot.

Sangvis has dedicated their existence to a modern type of Metal. You know, a combination of melody, aggression, technique and crystal clear production. “Post-Noir” is a short EP, lasting just over 18 minutes, but it shows just what this quintet is all about. While you may find the music presented here quite unoriginal and played out, there is no denying this is not a bad release. Even without the Sting cover. The said cover sounds very interesting and surely falls under the more memorable moments. Their own tracks are also quite catchy, especially if you give them a couple of turns. The Russians know how to create the songs that are following all of the established patterns and still make them stand out and stick to the listener. Dual vocals are definitely the primary driving force behind Sangvis. While the rough growling may be standard, the clean voice is extraordinary, especially in the higher registers where it might even suit some Power Metal band. While the melodic riffing is responsible for the feeling, rhythmical segments are delivering the necessary rage to the tracks. There are also occasional acoustic passages that bring about the atmospheric side of Sangvis.

Now that the praises are spilt, there is still the undisputed fact that “Pest-Noir” is nowhere near a groundbreaking release. It might hold its ground very well in Russia, but the rest of the world has more than enough bands that perform similar music and on a much higher level. Sangvis has yet to present a longer material and at this point, I have to say I doubt they are up to the task. Eighteen minutes can hold the attention for sure. I dare say even gain them a certain fan base. At 30 or more, it might not. So come on guys, prove me wrong!

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