Review: Warrior Path – Warrior Path

Warrior Path – Warrior Path (Symmetric Records)
Review by Ivona Bogner

Let me tell you a story… Somewhere in Greece, young Andreas Sinanoglou, yet unknown to the metal world, had just bought guitar. Fulfilled with joy and happiness, influenced by Iron Maiden, Riot, Crimson Glory, Running Wild, Bathory… this young man started composing own songs. He dreams about the album. Step by step, whole album was in his head, but… There is always some but… Years were passing by… One morning, Andreas woke up and decided it was about time to make his dreams come true. He went to Bob Katsionis studio. Bob, workoholic, as we know him, besides producing an album, gently offered a little bit more help. He grabbed bass and keys, Dave Rundle jumped in on drums. To complete the band, they needed vocals. Who might that be? Yannis Papadopoulos it is!

Do I have your attention? Ok, here we go!

If you have not discovered them yet, a hard core Heavy/Power Metal maniac (read me) will introduce you with Greek band Warrior Path!

In a few words, “Warrior Path” is epic, dynamic, melodic, bombastic, nostalgic album. Lyrics include classic heavy metal theme: dragons, wars, pirates, warriors.

Bass line in ″Riders of the Dragons″ immediately draws Iron Maiden influences, so as the guitar riff. Personally, the first song that crossed my mind after hearing ″Riders…″ is ″Rime of the Ancient Marriner″. Great starter, great rhythm, melody, chorus… Promising…

″The Hunter″, with its slowed down tempo, may trick you easily. But just at the beginning. It will trap you in a blink of an eye. As the real hunter, it hides, stalks, tracks, sneaks, attacks and kills!

After I heard vocal interpretation in ″Sinnersworld″ I was sure if I die now, sing this song for me! It is so melodic, so fantastic, so bombastic, so energetic, so catchy. It will move the laziest asses! No one will survive! This might be one of the best power metal songs ever made! Bravo maestro!

″Stormbringers″ brings us back to the golden age of British Heavy Metal. Slower tempo prepares you for the ″Black Night″. Somehow after I heard accoustic guitar, my first association was Bruce Diskinson′s ″Tears of the Dragon″. Beautuful ballad with stong lyrics. Ballads are sometimes the most powerfull weapon, and this one is true killer!

Ten minutes ″The Path of the Warrior″ narration leans on Firewind′s ″Ode to Leonidas″, while the singing style in the rest of the song might be compared to Geof Tate′s style in his best days. And if you thought: ″Oh, just another ballad″, just wait. This will turn to chaotic, powerful, to die for song! The blood will pump your veins pretty soon. Great balance between acoustic parts, powerful riffs and marvelous harmonies.

After few slow pace songs, ″Fight For Your Life″, will crush your bones. This is power, this is glory in its pure form. This is how you should fight the battle for metal!

Two more songs, and no more words left. It is really rendudant to repeat the same adjectives trying to convince you that you need to grab this album as soon as possible. ″Mighty Pirates″ again combines slow tempo, accoustic guitars and killer, high speed power riffs. And, at the end, if you haven′t died yet ″Dying Bird of Prey″ will kill you for sure. If you ever loved Skid Row, this song, so as the album closer, ″Valhalla I′m Coming″ is the winning combination.

Power Metal has never disappointed me. If it disappointed you, Warrior Path, for sure, will bring you back the faith. Highly recommanded to each Heavy/Power Metal fan.

If the debut album sounds already a classic, then I see a bright future Warrior Path.

This is not a supergroup, this is not one man project, this is metal history!

And remember, this guy was only 18 when he composed the album! If he had released it back than, where would he be today?

Track list:
Riders Of The Dragons
The Hunter
Sinner World
Storm bringer
Black Night
The Path Of The Warrior
Fight For Your Life
Mighty Pirates
Dying Bird Of Prey
Valhalla I’m coming

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