Review: Urn – Iron Will Of Power

Urn – Iron Will Of Power (Season of Mist Underground Activists)
Review by Milos Sebalj

You probably don’t need an introduction for this band, right? Being one of the frontrunners of today’s underground Urn has a well-established name and reputation, as well as a respectable fan base around the world. That’s what you get for quarter of a century of existence and unrelenting attitude and passion towards your creation. Adding to that, these Finns have never been the ones to push the boundaries or reinvent the wheel, so their devotion to Metal is undisputed.

The new record brings everything the fans expect. Another 40 minutes dose of old school Metal that brings you back into the golden age of the genre. Early Thrash Metal sharpness combined with primal Black Metal filth. Traditional Heavy Metal influences were never far from their taste and they are present here too. At times even some old Doom Metal emerges to the surface. In short, Urn performs Metal as it was in the very beginning, before all the subgenre related divisions occurred. Furthermore, a band that has come to their fifth full length album should not be able to come up with such catchy music. Memorable riffs dominate and the choruses are mostly fit for intense singing along. Rhythms are driving strongly through the release so you are guaranteed a nice headbanging experience. From fast blast beats, marching tempos to straight up slowdowns, it is all fitted nicely to form tracks close to every Metal heart.

Technical showcases were never the prime target of Urn, even though it is clear they are more than skilled enough on their respective instruments. It was always about the song itself and that is exactly where this quartet shines. Without much philosophy, they are hitting straight to the point. Even when the ‘retro movement’ was at its highest peak the Finns managed to stay on top of it and deliver a full-blooded Metal onslaught. Even the covers of their records manage to take you back to the time when Mercyful Fate or Dio made their classic albums. Perhaps the only segment of this release that claims the 21st century in the name of Metal is the production. Not the least bit modern, but finely tuned to the ancient sound and polished just enough so that not a single element is left hanging around. Everything is tightly packed and somehow makes you proud of being a Metalhead.

I’m having serious trouble to write anything smart about such primeval music. Simply put, this is an album you cannot dislike if you are even a least bit into Metal. Urn delivers again. It sounds incredible, considering they should be old and ‘worn out’, but it is true. So, incinerate your Heavy Metal souls and fill up another urn.

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