Review: Moosifix – Sacrilicious

Moosifix – Sacrilicious (Self-released)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

I finished the original version of this review yesterday, but decided to give myself 24 hours breathing space as I wasn’t sure if I was being unfair about the sound. Most of it is clear enough, but it is a touch bass heavy and the drums need a lot more oomph.

So today, I turned down the bass on my set-up and it does sound a lot better…. And so, I have re-written some of the review. But be warned, if your bass is cranked up, the sound does suffer…

This is a 6 track EP from Canadian’s Moosifix. Genre wise, this is Death Metal that every now and then fires off into its own little world of Technical Metal or they up the pace to something that isn’t quite Grindcore, but it’s heading that way… so we’ll settle on even heavier Death Metal

They also shoot off into a bit of groove, especially on Black Sands, which is almost NWOBHM in the style of Grinding Death Metal.

Song writing wise, I can’t fault this. It’s interesting, the variety of styles works well… and I’m not even into the more tech side of any music. The huge variations show that these guys can really play… but, as per my comments above, if your set-up isn’t in tune with the sound on here, it can sound bass heavy and the drums are lacking in power. But, these niggles can be ironed out with decent/better production… or an actual recording budget.

I’m sure with better sound, Moosifix will absolute slay. This is still a good introduction to the band though and I hope it garners them the attention they deserve so they can take things to the next level. Impressive.

PS: This is the last outing for the bands singer, Drew DeMarco, so the sound will (presumably) change on the next release…

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