Review: TYHJÄ – Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta

TYHJÄ – Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta (Void Wanderer Productions)
Review by Milos Sebalj

Two years ago this band debuted with a four track EP (a first release for the new label, Void Wanderer) which showed a lot of potential. Under twenty minutes of Finnish Black Metal was enough to make my ears interested. Now they are back with a full length recording, sticking with the label that stood by them at the very beginning. Yet, it seems like my initial prognosis was a bit off.

First of all, the minimalist cover artwork surely doesn’t promise much and will not turn many heads their way. There must have been a way to do it better. Behind it, however, the situation is much more interesting. Second wave Black Metal worship, based on furious tempo and quite imaginative riffing. Bass guitar gets it’s prominent position in the final mix as well. Decent screaming vocals complete the picture. The problem is that „Tyhjä“ descends into a more primitive style way too often for my taste. The first three songs are a dream come true for every fan of the genre. Variety of disctinct parts, arranged to intertwine with each other nicely and create easily memorable tracks. They too have their raw moments, but they fit in with the more creative ones, so it doesn’t disrupt the general feeling. After a two and a half minute interlude, this quartet seems like it’s losing its breath. The roles of these quite different aspects of Black Metal simply switch and you get a whole lot more of that basic riffing, repeated to infinity as it seems. With just a couple of melodic lead guitar parts it rapidly dulls out the initial impact of the album. Drum patterns, on the other hand, are what saves the day on the two tracks in question. „Tuho“, the sixth track, seems like it’s leading into something better for the end, but…

The closings two songs are a very unpleasant surprise. While you can count the seventh (I’m having real trouble with Finnish language for decades now) as another interlude, the eighth one sounds like the producer simply forgot it was there and returned it to the band without even a closer look.

„Irralaan Merkitystä Vailla“ is something like a Drone/Noise/Black Metal experiment with some whispering vocals on top (is it me or is it in English?), and „Pohja“ is seriously the biggest fault this release has to offer. Made me think of countless one-man projects without a single shred of imagination involved. An attempt of Death Metal plays a seriously big role there, but it is still nowhere near what „Tyhjä“ is capable of. Still, I must compliment the bass line, which somehow makes the track listenable, especially in the second, slower part.

Perhaps the Finns should have made another EP. They certainly have what it takes to make a serious impact on the listener. Seems to me like they forced a full length. I’m not going to give up on them just because of one bad idea. I wouldn’t even call this album bad. It’s not, but it could’ve been much better. Heads up guys, give yourself enough time and make me proud!

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