Review: Eternal Abyss – Doomed to Eternal Abyss

Eternal Abyss – Doomed to Eternal Abyss (Void Wanderer Productions)
Review by Milos Sebalj

I knew it from the moment it came to me! Seriously, just look at the name of the band and tell me what you hear. Exactly, it is easy to guess, though one might be confused by the ‘doomed’ in the title. Now, can you guess how many members are there in the band? Yes, you are right!

I’m going to take into consideration that this one-man project comes from Paraguay. So, not a country that is often present in the ‘Metal circles’. That just might be the only mitigating circumstance here. Otherwise, this would be a complete waste of time for anybody who has ever heard Black Metal.

Of course, I’m talking about a raw and primitive version of second wave Scandinavian style Black Metal. You know what it’s all about. Cold, cutting riffs, heard a thousand times before, blast-beats interchanging with some slower rhythms, bass guitar present but without any outspoken part and a screaming vocal. “Doomed to Eternal Abyss” follows every pattern there is, without stepping an inch to look outside the box. Everything here is easily predictable and played and replayed countless times before. I haven’t seen the lyrics but I seriously doubt there is a deep and profound philosophy hidden there. Song titles say it all, with my favorite being “Old Times of Blasphemies”. It is stated that Eternal Abyss goes for Depressive Black Metal and there is a hint of the atmosphere flying around, but it is not exaggerated. It is mostly the coldness I’m feeling here, basic feelings nothing more.

Might be that the production is elevating this album a bit, as it is way better than expected with these kinds of bands. The cover artwork is also on a higher scale than you can imagine. Pity the rest is on a low level. Plus, the project is ten years old, so one should expect a level of progress away from the basics of the genre. Yet, it is completely absent.

Now, I could easily be labelled as ‘not true’ because of such a review. Even ‘not a real underground warrior’. I can live with that. I’m not in this to support everything. The fact is, nowadays extreme music scene is filled to the brim with every kind of bands and projects. One more that sounds just like a thousand others is really not needed. Well, maybe Paraguay doesn’t have albums like this, so it could be a real gem on their own ground. Over here, I’ve had more than enough.

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