Review: Kaamos Warriors – Shadows Of Northern Chaos

Kaamos Warriors – Shadows Of Northern Chaos (Inverse Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Finland’s Kaamos Warriors only formed last year and already they are on album number two… for a minute, I thought they were very prolific, but then I checked the “album” running time. 8 tracks clocking in at just over 22 minutes!!!

Kaamos Warriors do not write epics, that’s for sure.

With the majority of the tracks clocking in at around the 2 ½ minute mark, there’s no chance of getting bored with this album… the strange thing is, musically, this is Dark Metal (according to the biography – to me it’s an upbeat take on Death/Doom), not a genre normally associated with short songs.

But hey, it works. A couple of minutes of reasonably upbeat, dare I say, quite happy sounding Metal, all done in a Death/Doom style. Song finished, then on with the next one.

I’m sure there will be reviewers saying the band should develop the songs more, stretch them out etc… But I think the opposite. There’s no filler here… just a collection of enjoyable short songs.

Clocking in at just over 3 minutes, the title track is probably my favourite. It has a stack of time changes, like a mini-epic and it does everything it needs to…

Why give a long winded speech when someone departs when a simple “fuck off” will suffice?

In a word, refreshing.

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