Review: Sprague Dawley – Whisper In The Dark

Sprague Dawley – Whisper In The Dark (Secret Entertainment)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

I chose this one to review from my never-ending pile, mainly because of the band name

I know there’s an actress called Sprague Grayden (Sons of Anarchy) but I know her name comes from her mothers maiden name… and (probably) because of this, the band sound like they are named after a failed b-movie actor. Well, to me anyway.

But no, their strange name is a breed of rat used in experiments… so at least that one’s cleared up.

Musically, they aren’t as interesting as the band name, I’m afraid.

The biography classes them as Alternative / Hard Rock / Grunge… but I’m inclined to dismiss the latter. So I would place them somewhere between Rock and Alternative. Unfortunately there’s not enough about their music to get me fired up.

It’s one of those difficult albums. There isn’t anything wrong with the music. Vocal wise, it’s not aggressive enough for my own personal tastes, but I can’t criticise them in any way. Same deal for the songs. They are pleasant enough, but there’s just something missing. Be it a touch of energy, or a bit more passion, I’m not quite sure.

To me, everything errs on the safe side of life. There aren’t any big hooks to draw you in, or to get you moving. The only real bright spark is from Hypocrite God, which at least ups the energy levels.

But overall, this isn’t for me… it’s like going to a hot chilli convention and choosing to have tabasco sauce instead of a Carolina Reaper… every now and then you have to take a risk in life and this is as safe as it gets.

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