Review: Ateiggär – Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt

Ateiggär – Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt (Eisenwald)
Review by Milos Sebalj

Seriously!? Formed in early 2019 and already up for an MLP? And Swiss nonetheless! Members of a certain Helvetic Underground Committee. Whatever is the goal of yet another ’inner circle’, it seems to support its artists to the full. Switzerland was never a Mecca for extreme (or any other) forms of Metal. Apart of the glory days in the ’80s, you can hardly remember any names coming from there. Even back then it was only a handful of bands, though they left a lasting legacy worldwide. Now, let’s see what the youngsters have to offer.

Ateiggär is firmly rooted on the Scandinavian Black Metal soil. Still, they do branch out. While the foundation of their sound is based on the razor sharp riffs, screaming vocals and lightning fast rhythms, they mix it all up a bit. Just to annoy the puritans, as the add-ons do not corrupt the feeling behind the tracks. The Swiss like to play around with keyboards and are very skilled at it. The keyboards are shifting from atmospheric backgrounds to nice doom-ish parts that take the leading role at specific moments. To complete the trio is an organ, making those Doom Metal influences even more old school. Timpans are taking a significant beating at certain parts of some songs, making for a more tribal atmosphere, though very far from any Soulfly connotations. Czech Avenger might be a good example of their use here. Did I hear even a few seconds of bagpipes in the second track? The guitar riffs might need a bit more work to escape the regular Norwegian basics, but with all the additional elements, the music presented on these 27 minutes is very intriguing. Bass guitar is left with a lot of distinct lines which make for an interesting listen. Also, the drums offer a couple of unorthodox solutions here and there, so you need to stay focused all the time. Turning the ’repeat’ button on might also be a good idea, as the release gets to the end fairly quickly.

Now, as you can see, there are a whole lot of stuff going on here. The important thing to note is that it is not just thrown in the mix at random. The Swiss duo (I can’t wrap my head around the idea that just the two guys are in here, but only two are mentioned) used the ideas they had with a lot of thought involved. The songs are lengthy so they needed skillful arranging to make them work, individualy or as parts of a whole.

Ateiggär (’initiator of ideas’ in translation) is a young duo, but the MLP sounds very mature. It is notable that some aspects of their creation could do with some improvement, yet they have reached a serious level already on the debut recording. Previous experience of the two members is unknown to me, even if I guess there was some. Whatever the case, this release shows a lot of future potential and is already a very good display of their possibilities at the same time. A definite recommendation!

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