Radio Show: Toxik Metal November 15th 2019

Toxik Metal November 15th 2019: Death / Thrash / Grindcore / Hardcore /Metal

Mercyful Fate – Nightmare
Municipal Waste – The Last Rager
Revel In Flesh – My Trial
Inverted Matter – Foreigner
Third Chamber – Harvesting Our Decay
Sepultura – Isolation
Enemynside – Black Mud
Cryptic Brood – Harrowing Hallucinations
Cro Mags – From The Grave
Aftermath – Temptation Overthrown
Opposition Party – Evil Paradise
Crux Decussata – Class Dismissed
Pressure Pact – Waste of Boredom
Pressure Pact – Small Talk
Oath Of Cruelty – Stabbing Forth with Invincible Damnation
Revel In Flesh – Rock Out
Wells Valley – Paragon

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