Review: Horrified – Sentinel

Horrified – Sentinel (Testimony Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

This is such a tough release for me to review. On one hand, despite the tag of Progressive being lumped in with Death Metal, I absolutely love the music on this mini album. Intelligently put together, it displays the individual skill of each musician, especially the work of bass player Lee Anderson. It has the feel of being taken on a journey as the music constantly shifts back and forth, very much like the tide on a beach.

The downside… I really don’t like the vocals.

Whereas the music is bright and high in the mix, the vocals are partially buried and for me, they don’t fit the style of the music, at all.

They have a 40 Marlboro a day feel to them and Dan Alderson doesn’t come across as a natural singer and the vocal style isn’t as strong as the music… and unfortunately, that kills the album for me.

So I don’t know where to take the review after killing it stone cold dead.

Hey, this is only one persons opinion, and everyone has a different opinion, thankfully. So if the vocals are to your liking, then this is a very interesting release. Whereas Iron Maiden are dragged down by the excessive Progressive tendencies, Horrified thrive under the banner.

Try before you buy.

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