Review: Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses

Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses (Terror From Hell Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

As soon as I saw the band name, I presumed this would be a Doom album… and I wasn’t far out as it’s more … well, the biography states Death/Doom… but to me, this is bone crushing Doom, with injections of Death Metal… the thing that did take me by surprise was the length of the songs… I saw there were 4 songs, but my thoughts of an easy review were quickly dispelled as two of the tracks clock at 14 minutes + and the other two come in at over 23 minutes a piece…

And it seems the band are on the right label, as their sound really does echo “terror from hell”. I’m not sure of the right word to insert, but be it depraved, uncomfortable or just fucking evil, this isn’t a pleasant listen…

Whereas someone like My Dying Bride take me off to realms of mournful splendour, this one chases me around the woods with a shotgun trained on my head with a promise of a slow painful death when they finally catch up with me…

Yet, despite the nastiness, I absolutely love this album. Be it the monumental, yet painfully slow intro of Unconquered Light of Nothingness or the rabid Death Metal parts of opener, Antediluvian Flames, everything about this album just works… even though it leaves you feeling very dirty after each listen.

As the pounding beats continue, my mind wanders off to thoughts of serial killers hunting their prey in an isolated German forest (the band are German, it doesn’t matter where the forest is, honest) and an image of the (potential) victim is scrambling in the muddy floor of the dark forest… and even though you probably won’t believe it after that passage, but I’ve not touched any drugs since 1993!!!!

So, basically, if you want music that’ll fuck with your head, leave you feeling paranoid, threatened and sullied… then this is the album for you.

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