Review: Reveal – Scissorgod

Reveal – Scissorgod (Sepulchral Voice Records)
Review by Milos Sebalj

I can’t help feeling “Scissorgod” was created out of the pure intention of artists to sit back and have a whole lot of fun watching us reviewers sweat like pigs trying to nail this album to a certain specification. Not to spoil their fun, but I’ve given up on the task almost immediately. There is absolutely nothing specific about this album. Nothing concrete, nothing set in stone and nothing that will keep your head twisting around as if you were placed in some sort of a burlesque b-movie as an extra somewhere in the distance while trying to catch what the main actors are plotting. And you can be damn sure they are plotting against you!

Let me try and paint at least a general picture. Try Vulture Industries and their weird take on Black Metal. Then take Black Metal down to a minimum. Give it a bit more of that trademark Queens of the Stone Age filth. Add some early Black Sabbath eerie outputs. Take the nightly carnival music and subtract the kids screaming so you can get the clear fright as a single specimen. Graveyard shift industrial noises are still welcome. Mid-career Dimmu Borgir orchestrations are there too. Top it off with a crazy drunk roaming around screaming what you deem to be absolute nonsense into your ears.

Mix it up somehow and, finally, throw it all away and just listen to Reveal!

A 39 minute long dystopian nightmare! Forget about trying to catch a solid piece of ground to stand upon. This album is intentionally left without it. Pieces of “Scissorgod” puzzle are scattered as far and wide as it was (in)humanly possible to prevent you from ever completing it. Enjoy in the journey trying to find them and also in whatever two pieces you can put together. Other than that, it is pointless. Her infernal majesty, the Music, is there to guide you if you can stand it long enough. It will either lock you up in an abandoned circus storage of lift you high above the circus we call life. Whatever the case, you should just let it. Trust me, it will be a world filled with many colors.

I realize this review has gone in a whole lot of different ways. Too much metaphors, as it turns out. Still, with an album like this, I find it the only way. “Scissorgod” is more than just music to my ears. It is a complete work of art you can actually see, smell or feel. With that in mind, it should be recommended only to those of strong mind and even stronger stomach.

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