Review: Dimholt – Epistēmē

Dimholt – Epistēmē (Self released)
Review by Milos Sebalj

A couple of years back, I wrote about a promising, though not so young, Bulgarian band promoting their debut full length release after eleven years of existence. Five years have passed since and I’m proud to say they delivered on their promise! „Epistēmē“ came out in late October and, in my book, it is a strong contender for the album of the year!

Strength and confidence in oneself and the abilities behind the individuals hidden under the Dimholt moniker are what stands out for over an hour of „Epistēmē“. Speaking of the length itself, one must be absolutely astonished by what the Bulgarian five-piece managed to spread over such a long running album. Especially in this day and age of short attention span of the listeners. Furthermore, there’s no dull moment on the record. It took five years to complete but the end result is what Black Metal should stand for. No bullshit, no artificial enhancement or innovation and, what is most important, no riding on the bandwaggon. Just pure Black Metal that is able to stand on its own by the sheer quantity of fresh ideas.

First of all, Dimholt (somehow I thought with such an obvious, Tolkien inspired name, there would be more bands sharing it, but there is none) does not insist on hyper speed. Sure, there are faster, blasting parts but they are sharing the time given with mid tempos or just slow ones which gives a whole lot of diversity to the release and enhances the atmospheric element as well. Another thing that the quintet shares among themselves is the creativeness behind the instrumental lines. You cannot pinpoint the ’leading’ instrument as they all together induce the creative effort and playfullness of the tracks. Simply put, nothing is standing above the other brewing a delicious meal for the fans of the genre. Guitars, drums, vocals and even bass guitar have their freedom to express their ’thoughts’ on the matter at hand. That fact alone provides with a delightful listening session with the ’repeat’ button on. With every new spin, „Epistēmē“ reveals another aspect you haven’t noticed before.

I tried to create some sort of an influence list for Dimholt and came up with just about a hundred names that could bear connotation with this record. The ’problem’ is they all fit nicely but none of them can describe exactly what is going on here. Now, you can imagine an album that is too ’colorful’ and slides from side to side without any control. And you would be wrong, as the Bulgarians managed to mix these elements together into a coherent blend which stands out from a thousand others with the obvious thought put into each and every detail imaginable, including the cover artwork that you would never connect to a Black Metal band, yet somehow this band made it fit perfectly.

So, it is high time the masses of Black Metal worshippers worldwide stop staring as junkies at Scandinavia for their fix. The greats are mostly pumped out and have nothing more to offer. On the other hand, Bulgaria holds a treasure in Dimhold and „Epistēmē“. Check it out right now! Thank me later!

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