The Toxik Metal Hour : 2 Shows

The Toxik Metal Hour : 2 Shows

I messed up and forgot to repost a show from December, which was first broadcast on New Alternative Radio a week before Christmas. So I have included yesterdays show, followed by the show from last month

Part 1: From NAR yesterday, January 9th : 25 bands from 25 different countries Part 1
Impiety – Terror Occult Dominion
Carcass – Under The Scalpel Blade
Necrowretch – Luciferian Sovranty
Hegeroth – Valley Of Dusk
Porta Nigra – Schöpfungswut
Hyperborea – Home of My Misery
Krvsade – Keep In The Church
Sepultura – Last Time
Dominia – Entombed in Grief
Ravenword – No More
Soulhealer – Sky is Mine
Nordvargr – Tabernakelvisa: The Redeemer and the Secret

Part 2: From a show broadcast just before Christmas – Begins at 59 minutes 44 seconds
King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas
Deathwhite – Further from Salvation
Battering Ram – Coming my Way
Scarleth – No Return
In Vertigo – Bad Enemy
Solstice – White Horse Hill 2019
Doomraiser – Häxan
Caronte – Queen of the Sabbath
Angel Witch – Don’t Turn Your Back
Black Absinthe – Witness
Kreator – Satan Is Real (live)

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