Review: The Hellfreaks – God On The Run

The Hellfreaks – God On The Run (Sunny Bastard Records)
Review by Milos Sebalj

The Americans have got way too complacent over the course of the last decade or two. Somehow the “American dream” has turned into a sweet lullaby and its edge has become dulled out. So, where do you turn for a piece of good old fashioned fury that was the trademark of the sound coming from across the pond? To Hungary, as it seems. Who would’ve thought!

The Budapest based quartet claims to perform “modern Punk Rock Metal with a healthy dose of fuck off and die”. By stating that, I think the intention was to simplify what they are all about. However, there’s no question about the second part of this definition. Attitude seems to be at the very top of priorities when creating The Hellfreaks’ music. Just as it was with most of aggressive tunes coming from the ‘new continent’ at the end of the previous century and the start of the new one. Why am I obsessing about the American music so much here? Well, the fact is that the Hungarians are set to combining the best aspects of the mentioned scene into their own style.

At the base of their sound is certainly a modern outtake on Punk Rock. Call it ‘Skate Punk’, ‘OC Punk’, ‘melodic Punk’, doesn’t matter. Bottom line is, The Hellfreaks sound pissed off and that is the main characteristic of their creation. Now, on top of that you can hear some clear Hardcore input, like the opening to ‘Men In Grey’. Rockabilly rhythms dominate through ‘Witches Heal’. ‘Red Sky’ sounds like Paramore before they’ve gone soft. ‘Clear Water’ goes well within the Nu Metal domain with the opening riff reminding me of the best days of Disturbed. The closing track, ‘Tabby’, is an almost Industrial ballad, carrying what is, in my ears, an absolute highlight of lyrical skill The Hellfreaks displayed on “God On The Run”.

With all the mentioned influences this record may have easily turned into a ‘mish-mash’ of completely different tunes, but The Hellfreaks managed to make it into a homogenous mixture that strives for a whole lot of commercial success. Trust me on this, if these guys were coming from the USA they would be selling out arenas in a matter of hours and the MTV would fight for a chance to play their videos. Well, if MTV still had any connection to music whatsoever. There are so many potential hits among these ten tracks that it could easily be an envy of many well-known bands.

Now, I know having a good looking girl behind the microphone should be a piece of cake when it comes to marketing a band or a release. But… Trust me again, there is no need to get this release for the cute photos as there is an enormous amount of substance screaming from the speakers. Take a listen, for a change, and forget the sugarcoating you’re being fed with through the mainstream media. This one’s a keeper! I cannot recommend it enough!

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