Review: Ingrimm – Auf Gedeih und Verderb

Ingrimm – Auf Gedeih und Verderb (Hardy Entertainment)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

I’m actually a fan of all (most) things medieval from an interest in heraldry, to the music from the era, as well as representations on film and tv, from The Last Kingdom to one of the funniest films ever, the French movie Les Visiteurs… so when I was confronted with the Medieval Metal of Germany’s Ingrimm, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in…

I can’t say the album has disappointed me, because it’s a very solid Metal album. I’m just a bit miffed at the balance between Medieval and Metal… with the latter having a stronger presence.

But there is a fine line between the two styles, so it would only take a song or two to tip the balance the other way

The Metal side is kind of Thrashy, with a slightly raspy vocal. It’s mainly upbeat and it is a real toe tapper / dandruff shaker. If I was basing this just on the Metal side, I would be praising the very Germanic feel to the music… despite a few moments of blandness, such as track 4, König der Idioten

My only real gripe is that I want more Hurdy Gurdy, more jigs etc.. generally a more hey nonnny nonny kind of album. But in all honesty, that’s more down to my personal taste than to any criticism of the music offered up.


The opener, Himmel und Hölle, is just about perfect, for my personal tastes… And of the more metallic offerings, I also really like Ich bin ein Mann, which reminds me of Clawfinger, albeit with a slightly happier edge (and a Scottish jig thrown in for good measure), and the razor-sharp riffing of Mammon… which sounds like it’s mixed in with a classic Pirate song.

But, as I’ve alluded to, the album is more Metal than Medieval. So despite a few flashes of brilliance, it doesn’t quite tick enough boxes for me. And I feel slightly mean about saying that. Because the album is a lot better than quite a few that come my way.

Very very close, but no cigar….

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