Review: Xerión – Derradeira saudade na lua lânguida

Xerión – Derradeira saudade na lua lânguida (Nigra Mors Productions)
Review by Milos Sebalj

From what I know about the extreme Metal underground scene, this band might have had the wildest ride through their career. Speaking about music, of course, as they have stayed far away from any turbulence in any other regard. Not to mention the tabloid questions swarming the scene in recent years. All through the 19 years of existence, Xerión seems to have a single goal and that is music. And, as a child should, their music grew…

I’m talking here about a duo coming from Galiza, a Spanish region located at the westernmost frontier, just north of Portugal. What characterized Xerión at the beginning of their career was a raw approach towards Black Metal, whilst covering the topics of their native myths. Hence the use of Galizian language instead of Spanish. Now, they have started flirting with traditional musical motives soon after the inception of the band and progressed forth to a place where they are with ‘Derradeira saudade na lua lânguida’. In the meantime they have even learned how to include some of their traditional instruments into the crude Black Metal basis, so that you get quite an interesting mixture which certainly took a lot of thought.

At this point in time, the folklore of the Galizian lands carries just as much credit in the creativity of these two individuals as Black Metal itself. So, take the opening track, a ten minute monument starting with some rhythmical chanting, only to become a melodic and atmospheric Black Metal piece which is much more than your simple buzzing guitar and blast beat. To make matters even more interesting, the same song contains another rhythmical intermezzo, this time without vocals but with some absolutely unexpected instruments involved (try tambourine). The following two tracks offer much less versatility. Well, they are much shorter, so it makes sense. ‘Luminescência’ is an instrumental track, composed on some classical instruments (no Metal whatsoever), but with an aura of indestructible and unforgiving force of nature. The EP is finished with ‘Luziferion’ which is Xerión’s own vision of a Katharsis track and it is by far the most primitive and minimalist track on this release. Well, that’s what you get by covering a raw Black Metal classic.

This is certainly an EP that might better be construed as a compilation of a sort. Three very different tracks are on it and that might be pretty off-putting for many listeners. Now, the thing that might make some sense of it is that ‘Derradeira saudade na lua lânguida’ is made to accompany a book, called ‘Cantos Estranhos’ (as far as I understand, it translates to ‘Strange songs’). With that in mind it just might mean that these songs fit much better together with what is written in the book. Can’t really say for sure.

In any case, this is yet another release that shows the vastness of the minds behind Xerión. It might not be the best way to start following them, but if you are already a fan you should by now be used to their experiments. For now, it is a decent way to cut short the waiting for the next longer release.

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