Review: Kaos Krew – From the Ostrobothnian Plain

Kaos Krew – From the Ostrobothnian Plain (Inverse Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Bar not being a fan of the band name, Kaos Krew, I really don’t have a negative word to say about this release.

I am slightly confused about the line-up with the biography and the bands Facebook page differing slightly. But from what I can work out, this may be a one man band, with a stack of guest musicians, or it might be a full time band… which ever it is… it works for me.

Musically, the biography describes this as Industrial Metal… but there’s so much going on, I’d use the term sparingly.

Opener, Entropy – Back Door does indeed have the metallic traits of Industrial Metal. Machine like riffing, and a metallic chime that pounds away in the background… I’d kind of place this somewhere between Clawfinger and because of the haunting keyboards, Scandinavian Black Metal. The styles gel beautifully and it’s a very strong opener.

Throughout the album though, the styles do tend to drift. So whilst the band might sound like Industrial Black Metal one minute, the next it might be a wall of rolling riffs that could grace a Stoner Rock album. If you removed the keyboards, Dance For Me, could definitely fit into that pigeonhole… although the lyrics are probably a bit full-on for the more mellow tones of Stoner Rock: “I’ll cut you open, beautiful inside”.

So, if you like your music to be varied, then this album is well worth checking out. But just be aware that the bang glide from Metal to Hard Rock to Industrial etc… and the keyboards add yet another dimension to the sound. Be it Dark Metal or Black Metal, the choice is yours.

The more I play this, the more I love it… Good stuff

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