Headshot Daily

Welcome to day one of Headshot Daily… I trialed a version of this a year or so ago and now it’ll become a daily feature.

I’m doing this for a few reasons:
1. I still have a huge passion for music and I still love discovering new bands… but, I’m bored of the weekly grind of trying to find enough quality new music to make up my radio shows.

2. A lot of shows play the same bands every week and apart from a few exceptions, it all gets very samey. But that’s not the same with the written word, where it’s easier to be more of an individual

3. And finally… whereas my radio shows are not getting the listenership they once did, the blog is doing really well. So it makes sense, to me, to concentrate on what people are actually interested in.

So what you’ll get on a daily basis is links to new videos, information about tours, reviews, news and interviews. I’ll probably do 2 features a week on Metal and 2 on EBM/Industrial and 1 feature on all kinds of music, so I can include the likes of Punk etc…

So let’s begin….

Pro Patria – Tomorrow

Here’s a new video from Belgium act Pro Patria… The video was made by band member Peter and I absolutely love it. This single is from their forthcoming album, due out later in the year


Rroyce – My Dearest Enemy

Another new video, this time for a lyric video for the new Rroyce single, My Dearest Enemy, which is out via Infacted Recordings. It’s available via the usual digital outlets, as well as Bandcamp

BANDCAMP: https://infactedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/my-dearest-enemy


Toxik Hour Radio Show

I do a show every Sunday for Sine FM in the UK. Last night, their online streaming service was down, so I’ve uploaded the show to Mixcloud:

The show features music from every decade from the 1960s, right through to the 2010s… so it features everyone from Bowie to Rammstein and from Oasis to Iron Maiden


Bite Sized Review:

Blind Cave Salamander – The Svalbard Suite (Hypershape Records)

As Monty Python once proclaimed “And Now For Something Completely Different”.

In basic terms, this is experimental music based around recordings made in Svalbard, (North of Norway, not quite at the Arctic Circle and they have lots of Polar Bears). The recordings includes, someone walking in snow, sometimes spoken word clips… and that’s all set in beautifully mellow, minimalist music.

In reality, it’s an icy cold chill-out piece (pun intended) that really does take you away from our, at times, horrible modern world. Be it sparse cello or gentle electronics, it all works beautifully



No Names vs. Decent News

Those crazy fuckers, Decent News have let Aussies, No Names, loose on four of their tracks. All the money goes to helping Wildlife Victoria, to support wildlife rebuilding efforts in the wake of the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires

The price is just $1 AUD… so please get buying

Pre-order it here:


and finally….

This feature will take a few weeks to evolve, but if you have videos you’d like to share, music for radio play etc… please contact us via email at: headshotmusic@mailbox.org

You can listen to our radio shows via: https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostWaveRadio/

Via Facebook: For EBM/Industrial etc… https://www.facebook.com/GhostWaveRadio/
And for Metal : https://www.facebook.com/HeadshotMetalUK/

And on this site, there will be new reviews added a few times a week, with a couple planned for later today

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