Headshot Daily: Metal

Welcome to Headshot Daily, which happens Monday to Friday each week. Today, the focus is on the world of Metal. There will be 2 Metal updates this week, with a Metal show also planned for this Friday

So onto some news….

Mörk Gryning sign to Season of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of the legendary Swedish black metal formation MÖRK GRYNING. In the last few years, the Swedes have returned to the stage triumphantly with live performances in Stockholm (Sweden), at Party San Open Air (Germany) and at Eindhoven Metal Meeting (the Netherlands). Now, they’re ready to head to the studio to record a new album.

Regarding the signing, the band comments: “The sleepers are asleep no more. The dead are resting peacefully no more. After many years of slumber, the old flame of chaos has flared up once again to fill our hearts and souls.

We are very proud to announce that our new album will be released under the banner of Season of Mist. A label not only known for their extremely strong collection of artists, but also for their professional and honest work over many years.

This album is a creation of MÖRK GRYNING’s original members Goth Gorgon and Draakh Kimera with contributions from members who were part of us on later releases.

Music wise, it returns to the melody based, straightforward style of the debut “Tusen år har gått” with hellish blast beats alternated with epic pagan rhythms and acoustic breaks. A furious assault upon the civilized world and a descent into the nether regions of the world beyond. Join us into the maelstrom!”



Scarab – Bloodmoon Shadows (Video Clip\Playthrough)

Egyptian Metallers Scarab will release Martyrs of the Storm on March 6th via Vicisolum Productions. The album is the bands first in 5 years and will also feature a guest appearance from Karl Sanders of Nile.

Here’s a new playthrough video for the track Bloodmoon Shadows





We do add a few Metal reviews to the site each week. You can check out our recent reviews here: https://headshotmusicuk.com/reviews/

I have another to add later today and at least one more before the weekend. There are also some interviews in the pipeline as we look to expand the Metal side of things on the site

And you can also check out the last Metal podcast here: https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostWaveRadio/the-toxik-metal-hour-17th-jan-2020/

The show is part 2 of 25 bands from 25 countries


New Band – ITUS

I always like to champion new bands, so we are off to Canada now for ITUS

Toronto’s ITUS is the latest in Canadian doom featuring heavy, brooding and psychedelic tones meshed with horror-inspired sounds. They have been toiling away, working on their debut EP “Primordial” set to be released on March 13, 2020.

Atmospheric and energetic, this album is a step in a new musically direction for the duo of Brandon Lucking and Reinier Vandenbosch, and they are encouraged that the reception for their latest endeavour will be well received as they explain:

“We think that Itus could have a much wider appeal than previous efforts of ours. Songs on the EP like ‘Cloud Reader’ and ‘This Can’t Be” are much more accessible, especially with Vandenbosch’s newly developed clean singing. We think the heavier tracks will strike a nice balance with the mellower tracks on the EP as a whole.”

Two very different singles will be released from the EP, the first being the title track ‘Primordial’. Painting the mood like a classic horror creature reveal, it’s both abrasive and calm, and the accompanying music video is shot like a horror film to accentuate the brutality and dark riffage in the track. ITUS details the track:

“We chose to make this the first song we release because to us, it embodies the aspect of human savagery. Primordial uses the idea of coming out of a euphoric bliss into a hellish existence. Its lyrics comment on what forces within people work to pull society back down to chaos. This is the most aggressive song on the EP with its crisp, and aggressive guitar tones that really make it stand out from the other songs.”

Fans of Electric Wizard, Conan, and Windhand will definitely take an interest in ITUS.



Bite Sized Review:

Egeria – As Night Falls (Self Release) Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Back in the late 90s, I fell in love with female fronted Metal. I was lucky enough to see Within Temptation’s 5th ever gig, in 1997 and I also caught the likes of Lacuna Coil, I think in 1998, possibly 99 and also Epica’s first ever UK performance at a sparsely attended show in London.

Within a few years though, the scene was flooded and I retreated from a genre that once enthralled me… and to be honest, I generally steer well clear of it these days.

Thankfully, the 2nd EP from Dutch Symphonic band Egeria is a complete breath of fresh air.

If I had to choose just one word to describe the EP, it would be “invigorating”. The songs are uplifting, which I guess is a good thing, coming from a Symphonic band and the band avoid the plodding clichés that a lot of 2nd rate, and lower tier, bands employ.

Nicole’s voice is something to marvel at, from the more operatic style of opener, A Night At The Mansion or the slightly darker tones of The Rise of The Fallen Queen, which has a Pagan / Folk Metal edge to it, and in places, it reminds me of the Cadaveria era of Opera IX… well, the quieter side of The Naked And The Dance

So if, like me, you avoid female fronted Metal because it (mostly) sounds the same these days, give Egeria a chance… it’ll be well worth 25 minutes of your time.



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