Headshot Daily: 17-02-20

Headshot Daily: EBM / Industrial

Matrix Downloaded Volume 9

Alfa Matrix launches massive download compilation for free + all donations to be used to invest in new bands

Available now for free (or pay-what-you-want) via Bandcamp is the 9th volume in the “Matrix Downloaded” compilation download series by the Belgian electro label Alfa Matrix. It will offer you the possibility to discover some of the most recent singles and albums released via Alfa Matrix while giving a preview of some promising forthcoming 2020 productions.

Alfa Matrix will invest all donations in new bands

Here’s what Seba Dolimont from Alfa Matrix has to say about it: “The music market has shifted a lot over the years and in many ways losing its solid footing. CDs sales are collapsing entirely and the shift from downloads to streaming has not yet shown a revenue that is replacing what has been lost. (…) This evolution has created an environment where many labels have almost stopped playing their key-role of talent scouting, no longer daring to invest in new talents who deserve to be heard by you! Alfa Matrix is one of the very few record companies in this scene who try to keep the right balance between releasing renowned artists and supporting younger bands who still need to catch the attention and reach your ears.”



Xtort Single

‘Dutch / German industrial act releases free single & video’

Dutch / German industrial acts xtort releases a second single of its latest album ‘Nothing is Real’. With the song ‘escape’ as a single / video

Xtort show another side of his electronic music, tending towards more of a synthpop sound rather than industrial. The single will be released as a free download on the Souncloud & Bandcamp pages of xtort: https://soundcloud.com/xtort-412744263 | www.xtort.bandcamp.com


Kreign – Self Titled Album

This is an excellent album, that is a Name Your Price offering on Bandcamp. It’s in your face, but accessible and there’s no holding back with titles such as Shit Storm, Face Melt and Dismembered Quietly

I’ll be spinning this a lot in the coming weeks



Bitesized Review: Lament Cityscape : The New Wet EP

The New Wet is the first of three Eps from Oakland Industrialists Lament Cityscape, all of which are due for release in 2020. And these guys pretty much steer clear of the electronic side, bar some atmospheric piano/keys. You can lump this in with suicidal, downbeat, sludgy, sphincter rumbling Industrial… and any other depressing description you can think of.


You can feel the pain ooze out of every pore on opener, Running Out of Decay… but fuck, it sounds so good

Next up, is Seepage, which just bulldozes everything in its way before the colossal, painfully slow stomp of Borer, brings this EP to a very satisfying conclusion

This is the Industrial cousin of Doom Metal. At times it’s funereal in pace and feel, but I really like this style… and I look forward to the next couple of Eps, as well as checking out the bands back catalogue


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