Headshot Daily 18-02-20

Headshot Daily….

Just a quick update today as my workload is overflowing….

Black Angel Gathering Episode 26

There is a new show every Tuesday, on Ghost Wave Radio

Spahn Ranch – The Judas Cradle
Die Krupps – To The Hilt
Die Krupps – 20/20 Vision
Die Krupps & Nitzer Ebb – The Machineries Of Joy
Plastikstrom – Alles für uns
Midnight Configuration – Sinister Sinister
Death Party UK – Mark Of The Vampire
Dunkelwerk – Kommt
Cephalgy – Engel sterben nie
Purple Fog Side – The Sky Ablaze (N-616 Remix)
Coinside – Hexenhammer
Ophir – Saat & Ernte
Camouflage – The Great Commandment


Headshot Music: A New Horizon

I’m now working on some of the ideas I formulated in the past, but never had time to implement…
Here is my idea about getting bands music “out there”, and at no expense to the band

I’m going to release a series of 6 track Eps. 6 bands, 1 track each

I’ll match up the bands so that their music compliments each other… so I’ll release an EBM one, one for Black Metal etc…

The Eps will be free to download for a limited period, then the EP price will be set at a nominal amount. Probably at £1 (GB Pound). This is via Bandcamp

Each release will come with a digital booklet

If sales then reach 50% of the cost of putting the music up on Spotify, Amazon etc… I will then pay the other 50% of the digital distribution costs myself.

In addition to that, I will send out promo copies to DJ’s and websites, in the hope of getting the bands airplay, press coverage etc…

The first one is now open for submissions, which will be for EBM/Industrial bands with Pro Patria and Blackpill already confirmed

Please contact me via email here: headshotmusic@mailbox.org if you are interested


Ps: the artwork is provisional, and may change

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