Headshot Daily: 25-02-20

Todays motherfucking Metal update begins with motherfucking Ice T…

Body Count – Bum-Rush, taken from the album “Carnivore”, out March 6th.



Judas Priest / Sabaton US Tour

Celebrated Swedish metal battalion Sabaton will make their awaited return to the frontlines this fall on a massive U.S. campaign with the legendary Judas Priest for their “50 Heavy Metal Years Tour.”

The year’s heaviest tour will take place in September and October and will follow Sabaton’s upcoming Russian invasion in March and European festivals in late summer, including their own Sabaton Open Air in Sweden in August.


For information on tickets visit: http://www.sabaton.net/tour


Blood Blast Distribution

I’m not sure how this will work… if they’ll accept anyone, if you have to pay etc… but Nuclear Blast have set up a new digital distribution service, called Blood Blast

The website definitely needs a bit more info… but it could be something very good for bands



Bite Sized Review:

Pyre Of Descent – Peaks Of Eternal Light (Terror From Hell Records)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

Fuck me, I genuinely have no idea how to put the music from this 4 track EP into words… ok, I lied, I do… but I’m not sure where to place Berlin’s Pyre Of Descent.

On one hand, they are a bit gloomy. My 1st thought was Katatonia, but this is a bit more into Shoegaze territory… the vocals switch from a very calm tone, to an underlying aggressive style. And both styles are pretty mellow in texture.

Musically, I’m reminded of the 70s version of the Scorpions, because of the lead guitars on opening track, Fyre, (there’s also another 70s style on Eyes of the Blind, and after changing my mind a few times, I’m settling on The Allman Brothers) as well as sounding like the gloomiest bunch of wrist slitters on the planet, plus there are a few dashes of Deathly Doom and even a bit of jangly Indie/Alternative, buried deep in the mix.

You dissect the 4 long songs here and the styles are not supposed to match, but they genuinely do.

So take this on with a completely open mind, as it’s exceptional.

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