Headshot Daily 26-02-20

Anything goes on a Wednesday on Headshot Daily….
So here’s a few bands to check out

Asbestos Worker – Dead End Town (No List Records)

Here’s something a bit different… and please excuse my description, because I can only tell you what it sounds like in my super vacant head.

Bits of Pixies (the band, not the little mythical creatures), a dash of The Cramps, a Punk attitude, don’t give a fuck lyrics and a decent line in (gritty) tuneage and some Redneck tinged vocals…

This one man band could easily be a mess… but it’s not, and I love everything about it. Even the band name, which is simply Josh Stever’s day job

Available as a Name Your Price via Bandcamp or DIY-ish vinyl



The Medea Project – Sisyphus (Self Release)

Over the years, I’ve not really discovered many South African bands, bar a few that used to play or live, in London… even in todays over-saturated scene, not many come my way…

So here’s a duo, originally from the East coast of ZA, that now live about 15 miles from me in the Midlands, the centre part of the UK…

And yet again, they are a band that defy being pigeonholed. The biography describes them as Dark Primal Gothic Doom, which I agree with… although the choice of bands for comparison are way off the mark, in my opinion…

So without name checking anyone, this is epic, bass driven darkness… be it Gothic Doom or some form of Alternative / Post Punk hybrid (mainly from the late 80s). The vocals are mainly clean, with a slight rough edge and man, they just soar…

Rightly or wrongly, I imagine a Native American, arms stretched out, in full voice, singing/shouting out over a vast valley…

What makes this stand out though, is the deep as fuck bass… it underpins everything… and helps this stand out from the crowd




INNO – The Rain Under (Time To Kill)

We end today in Rome, with the Dark Metal of INNO… the band is made up of experienced musicians, who, past and present, have played with the likes of Novembre, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour Of Penance… with female vocalist, Elisabetta Marchetti leading the way.

Although the press pack has avoided mentioning their fellow countrymen/woman Lacuna Coil, the early work of Cristina Scabbia and co is where I’d place this.. although it does have a more sophisticated, more Progressive sound… which is where namechecking The Gathering comes in.

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous reviews, I’m completely out of the loop (these days), as far as female fronted bands are concerned, but this is classy, beyond belief and way above the standards my ears have been subjected too recently

I genuinely hope they get the right breaks, as this is something very special….


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