Headshot Daily: 28-02-20

Sorry there wasn’t an update yesterday… a Windows 10 update took 2 ½ hours, which messed up my afternoon… so today, I’ll mix in the EBM/Industrial side of things, with the Metal side

Headshot Music: A New Horizon

I’ve just released a 6 track EP via my Headshot Music Bandcamp page. It’s free to download for the next 7 days…

Pro Patria – War (Till the Day We Die)
Sukabura – Folka
Hieronymus FTP – Täuschungsmix
Hypermond. – Disturbio
Blackpill – Destroyer Of Worlds
Reality’s Despair – Eospohobia (2020 remix)

Even though it’s an EBM release, it’s heavy enough to appeal to Metalheads too.



On to some new radio shows

Dark Side Of Metal:

My good buddy Demoniac has just passed his 3 year anniversary on Sine FM… so check out his show via the Sine FM website:


And you can catch his show every Monday night at 10pm, UK time, with a mix of new and classic Extreme Metal

I also do a show on the station, (8pm every Sunday) but it’s a bit different than all my other shows. You can re-visit last weeks show and hear the likes of Faith No More, The Specials, The Human League and The Adicts… yep, I just play whatever I feel like


Black Angel Gathering:

I add a new show every Tuesday to Ghost Wave Radio, and it’s like a history lesson for dark music.

Hosted by Marcel P, it’s my favourite show each week… and this week, it has reached number 5 in the Industrial charts, so many thanks for supporting the show


The Toxik Metal Hour

and last, but not least… I have added a new show today, with new tracks from the likes of Body Count, Exhumed, Hatebreed, Chiral and Machine Head… as well as some quality Doom


No Names vs Decent News

The remix EP between the bands has been released today, with the proceeds going to Wildlife Victoria, to support wildlife rebuilding efforts in the wake of the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires

So go give the bands some love and help a good cause at the same time


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