Review: Collision – The Final Kill

Collision – The Final Kill (Hammerheart Records)
Review by Milos Sebalj

It’s nice to hear some actual creativity in a genre that was reduced to a senseless production of unlistenable noises. Grindcore is, in its essence, a terribly violent form of music, but it is still music that counts. In the meantime, countless bedroom projects took over defecating it with a whole lot of easy to record nonsense. It’s easy to expel shit. Comes without much effort.

Collision is a twenty year old Dutch band that actually gives a damn about what comes out of their instruments. Their songs are easily discernible, though they come in the form of one relentless blow after another. Mostly fast, energetic and aggressive combination of death, thrash metal and hardcore. One word, grindcore. The way it was meant to be performed. As an almost fifteen minute display of physical brutality must, “The Final Kill” shows no mercy. It is short, fierce and contains little to no thought about the consequences. Hyper speedy or faster marching tempos dominate throughout, switching roles between them when necessary. Even a couple of slower moments are audible, which brings more variety to the EP. Vocals also have double responsibilities, as the more prominent thrashing screams leave just enough room to the growls to leave a mark.

Still, what makes “The Final Kill” a worthy of your time record are the guitar riffs. Most often, they are completely forgotten by the acts I mentioned in the opening lines. Gone seem to be the days when Repulsion or Napalm Death reigned. Collision reminisces in style, making me think of crossover masters from back in the day when the genre was at its peak. Mixing them up nicely with a lethal dose of brutal death metal guitar incisions they further make the individual tracks more recognizable.

The length of the release is just about right for this type of musical execution. I sincerely doubt this would work as well as it does on thirty of forty minutes. This way “The Final Kill” doesn’t lose a pound of its weight or impact, doesn’t stray far from the target point and keeps the strength concentrated to deliver as much as it is possible. A strong outing for fans of old way of grinding. Without further ado, get it and collide with a wall of reinforced concrete!

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