Review: Medico Peste – ב: The Black Bile

Medico Peste – ב: The Black Bile (Season of Mist Underground Activists)
Review by Milos Sebalj

Ah, the theatrics of black metal! Mostly reduced to stage performance or the simple paint on musicians’ faces, yet somehow alive through the entirety of the bands’ presentation. It is my impression that the roots of Medico Peste and their likes’ appearance date back to “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”. The progress of one of the most conservative genres was perhaps started back then, but who knew where it would end up. And in what wide disarray would it take. From symphonic elements, through progressive experimentation, disharmonic wandering and jazz influences, all the way to the full-on theatrics explored (mostly) by the French and Polish bands. While the French opted for the more mellow paths, the Poles keep some of the original rage untamed, fusing it with the novelties. Is it a successful merge?

Depends on what you expect from the music itself. We are all witnesses of the immense success Mgla and Furia (as probably most notable influences for Medico Peste) gained in recent years. Medico Peste dwells somewhere in between, taking from both and adding their own touch, as they must if they were even to begin being taken seriously. I have intentionally mentioned jazz before, as it takes a prominent part of Medico Peste’s creation. Especially in those ‘broken’ rhythms that dominate throughout. Guitars are threading a more ‘carnival-like’ road, thus creating a crossroad of thoughts depicting an actual mental disorder. They all come to a certain clear sense in the more primeval black metal parts, which offer a dose of pure aggression at some places, while at others they explore a more melancholic state of mind. Tormented shrieks complete the picture of a nervous breakdown, gathering all the emotions to one terribly disrupted outlet.

Consider this a generalization of what you can find on the second album by Medico Peste. Distorted as it is, it can easily be torn down to bits and pieces for investigation under a proverbial microscope. However, my belief is that this is not one of the albums which contain distinct points of categorization. It is a big question if it even should. Even if it is ripped into seven tracks, it should be looked upon as a constant flow. Try to forget even the format limitations of fifty minutes on your music carrier. The ‘repeat’ button is what you are looking for. Unless you go for the more old school formats.

Regarding the question from the beginning, it all comes down to your personal taste. Those in need of a constant flow of Darkthrone through their veins can forget about Medico Peste instantaneously. Others can try and figure it out for themselves.

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