Review: Syteria – Reflection

Syteria – Reflection (Cargo Records)
Review by Ivona Bogner

I am 100% sure if I would offer this album for review, each male member of our team would say: “Oh, just take it, it’s girls music anyway!” So, to save my time, I simply took it, no matter I will never understand what is the music for girls, music for boys, music for kids, music for grownups…

Syteria is kind of familiar to me. Oh yeah! Legendary Jackie Chambers of legendary Girlschool decided to gather siblings Julia and Pablo Calvo and Keira Kenworthy. The story begins back in 2015 when they released video ″Santa’s Harley″. As they were playing on main stages of UK festivals, it was clear something bigger has to be done. And they hit the debut album “Rent-O-Bot”. If you thought you will hear a Girlschool clone, you are damn wrong. What we have here is something I would call heavy punkish pop.

“Reflection” contains twelve songs. The sound is fresh, clear, fun, moving, cheerful…

Majority of songs are written by Jackie Chambers, but family Calvo also encouraged penning some songs too. And they did a great job.

Although overall sound is joyful, lyrics are pretty much social engaged. But the girls (and boy keep) keep positive attitude that we desperately need these days.

Production is clear, maybe too polished, so I am curious how new songs sound at live performances. Hearing Jackie back in 2004 with Girlschool, I have no doubt they are killers on stage. Jax′s guitars skills are so unnecessary to comment. With solid drum section, I hope no one would be offended, but Julia stands out with Joan Jett′s energy and attitude.

Syteria kind of brings back (I want say resurrect) The Ramones spirit. Bottom line: this is good album of a good band. Period. Trust me, if it is bad, there would be more to read.

So, Syterians, are you ready for some noise?

1. Make Some Noise
2. Goodbye World
3. Reflection
4. Asylum
5. Gossips
6. Sorry
7. As If
8. Back Off
9. Moving Forward (Angels and Demons)
10. I Want It All
11. Plastic Fantastic
12. Guilty!

Release date: February 21, 2020

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