Review: Together To The Stars – As We Wither

Together To The Stars – As We Wither (Northern Silence)
Review by Steve Thomas-Green

When it comes to “Post” genres, I am a bit indifferent, to say the least. I like Hardcore, but what the fuck is Post-Hardcore? I’m a bit more reasonable when it comes to Post-Black Metal… but I tend to like my music, how I like my alcohol…. undiluted.

But saying that, this mish-mash of Post Hardcore meets Post Black Metal, wrapped up in melodic guitars and a bit of Shoegaze, is a perfect example of blending together a variety of genres. And getting it absolutely spot on as well.

So, musically, it’s very melodic guitars on the top layer and frantic drums underneath. I guess the bass is in the middle, but it’s not prominent enough to have a big impact on the sound.

Vocals wise, Franco Fuentes offers up heartfelt screams, and pained, tortured vocals that have been ravaged by a stack of whisky and cigarettes… well, that’s how they sound, anyway…

So a pretty simple formula… but, thankfully, the styles gel beautifully. And before I forget, some of the songs on the album are just EPIC…. So the more time you give the album, the better it gets.

For me, too many bands (in this modern era) make their sound too lightweight and I cannot stand that kind of thing. Here the music has impact, it’s not watered down or overly commercial, despite a crazy amount of melody throughout the album… so many thanks to the band for making something with a bit of balls.

The album is out on April 24th, but you can pre-order a variety of packages from Bandcamp:

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