Blackpill Man Arrested In Police Sting

You may know him as Joshua Snow. His previous alias was Adrian Machov. His real name, is Aaron Craiger.

This hit close to home as I chatted with him online most weeks. I even re-designed his bands logo. I hadn’t heard from him in a while and I searched online, just in case he had contracted Coronavirus.

I’ve taken a part of the story from the link below:

“Aaron Craiger, 33, was arrested on Wednesday, March 18, by detectives from the New Jersey State Police and special agents from HSI at a motel in Atlantic City where he had stayed overnight after traveling by bus from his home state of Oklahoma. He allegedly planned to meet the two men on Wednesday so he could sexually assault two underage victims. Craiger believed that one man was bringing his 12-year-old daughter for sex, and the second man was bringing his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter.”

Yes, I knew he had been in trouble (in the past), but he always insisted that his lawyers were going to sort it out and then he could work as a paramedic.

Please read the reports online for the facts about him. His previous crimes are also easy to find, as are people posting via Facebook to warn about his behaviour. I spent a lot of yesterday doing exactly that.



    • i knew this guy for 2 years, had him in my home..around my KIDS…and he came up to co springs to see vnv nation with us, and stayed a few days..this was a couple years ago though..anyway, he started acting weird and sketchy, and i noticed that his plane ticket had a different name, and im nosy and looked him up..and found a laundry list of crimes, going back over a decade!!! so we dumped his ass at the airport, and i immediately let everyone know, and almost no one cared. there is a promoter/dj named scott durand, he knew all about this, and instead of warning others about him, he let him know everything i had said, so he could change his name and keep on with this bullshit facade. really made me wonder about the people in the scene, for sure.


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