May 1st: A New Beginning

May 1st: A New Beginning:

Well, not quite the new beginning I’d hoped for

I’d decided a while back, before the lockdown began, to cut back on my radio shows, basically, so I could do more writing. My 2 options were:

Start a digital magazine. Publish it once a month and set it out like a proper print mag etc.. But the main problem was, the company I wanted to use had such a crazy monthly price, the only option was to pay for a year up front. The 1st year was ok price wise, but if I wanted to expand, the price leapt from $168 a year to $420.

Have my website look like a magazine. Again, I did my research and found some really good options. What I didn’t realise, is that to use these themes, after paying a lot for them, Worpress then wanted an extra £240 a year, which is $300-ish, just for the privilege of installing them. And again, you have to pay the whole year upfront.

So yes, I am returning to writing in a much more committed capacity, but not really on the terms I would have liked.

But if the lockdown eases and I can work again, then maybe I can go ahead with a fancier set-up. But for now, it’s an average website, hopefully with some excellent content.

I will do some extra radio shows during May, to honour some commitments, but after that, apart from my shows on Sine FM, I’ll just be adding extra shows when time permits.

As for the website, of course there will be reviews and interviews, but I’ll also add lots of bite-sized content – like “5 Questions With….” Which doesn’t need an explanation, hopefully. I’ll do spotlights on new bands, certain new releases, labels… plus scene reports, news sections, videos etc…

And I’m also going to add a World Cinema section, a subject I’ve been passionate about for 30 or more years.

If you want to send promos, news, links to new videos etc… please use email only (unless you’re in constant contact with me via messenger) is the address to use

And that’s about it… I have a few items to add over the next couple of days, so things kick off properly on Monday



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