Review: Collision – The Final Kill

Collision - The Final Kill (Hammerheart Records) Review by Milos Sebalj It’s nice to hear some actual creativity in a genre that was reduced to a senseless production of unlistenable noises. Grindcore is, in its essence, a terribly violent form of music, but it is still music that counts. In the meantime, countless bedroom projects... Continue Reading →

Review: God Dethroned – Illuminati

God Dethroned - Illuminati (Metal Blade Records) Review by Milos Sebalj Here’s a band that never reached the ultimate stardom some of their contemporaries (or country mates for that matter) have gained. They never had that one (two or three) song or album to propel them to greatness. Sure, “Villa Vampiria” is a regular part... Continue Reading →

Review: All My Sins – Plamen i led

All My Sins - Plamen i led (Casus Belli Musica / Beverina Productions) Review by Milos Sebalj Normally, I wouldn’t even consider a release like this. Let alone rush to buy it. When you announce a release containing two covers and an old song recorded again, you are running a huge risk of being accused... Continue Reading →

Review: Nemesis – The War Is On

Nemesis - The War Is On (Grom Records) Review by Milos Sebalj You’ve all heard of extreme metal bands wearing make-up on stage. Hell, even some of the less extreme did it. Rarely do you come across a band whose members wear make-up offstage. It takes a certain kind of devotion. Or perhaps… As you... Continue Reading →

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