Headshot Daily : 13/2/20

Welcome to todays Headshot Daily Update Ghost Wave Radio We’ll kick off today with an extra show I’ve just added to Mixcloud. I got behind last month, so most of this show, should have aired last month. But it’s packed full of quality tunes, so please check it out: Ghost Wave Radio: EBM / Industrial... Continue Reading →

Headshot Daily: 12/2/20

Welcome to Headshot Daily and every Wednesday, the barriers are down and I include a whole load of different genres Black Angel Gathering And we’ll begin with the latest episode of Black Angel Gathering, which I uploaded yesterday. Hosted by DJ Marcel P, it’s like a history lesson of Alternative music, from EBM, Industrial, Gothic... Continue Reading →

Review: Turia – Degen van Licht

Turia - Degen van Licht (Eisenwald) Review by Milos Sebalj If you, by any chance, come from Serbia, there is no way, looking at this band’s name, not to think about a place called Turija, renowned for its annual sausage festival. And why is that important for this review? It’s absolutely not, but I had... Continue Reading →

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