Review: Dimholt – Epistēmē

Dimholt - Epistēmē (Self released) Review by Milos Sebalj A couple of years back, I wrote about a promising, though not so young, Bulgarian band promoting their debut full length release after eleven years of existence. Five years have passed since and I’m proud to say they delivered on their promise! „Epistēmē“ came out in... Continue Reading →

Review: Asgrauw – IJsval

Asgrauw - IJsval (Death Kvlt Productions) Review by Milos Sebalj Time does seem to fly with these Dutchmen! It seems like just a few months since I was reviewing their previous album “Gronspech”, which turned out to be a certain landmark of their creative effort. It has actually been a whole year and a half,... Continue Reading →

Review: Svartgren – Divlja Vatra

Svartgren - Divlja Vatra (Werewolf Promotion) Review by Milos Sebalj I am sincerely glad to be able to say Svartgren is finally a full-blown Black Metal machinery! It took them a whole decade to rise and evolve from the cocoon of a demo band and become a force to be reckoned with. Now, with the... Continue Reading →

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