Review: The Nefarious Order (Split Vinyl)

Cirith Gorgor / Yaotzin / Fenris / Weltschmerz - The Nefarious Order (Zwaertgevegt Records) Review by Milos Sebalj When speaking about Dutch Black Metal scene, one name cannot be forgotten. Zwaertgevegt has a long history of supporting the small bands coming from the Netherlands. The long list of their releases is mostly comprised of tapes,... Continue Reading →

Review: 1349 – The Infernal Pathway

1349 - The Infernal Pathway (Season of Mist) Review by Milos Sebalj I bet no one in this band was on the way to kill Euronymous, right? I’m guessing they had better things to do than grovel for cheap publicity. They were busy creating actual music, often forgotten by the wannabe rock stars some guys... Continue Reading →

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