Review: God Dethroned – Illuminati

God Dethroned - Illuminati (Metal Blade Records) Review by Milos Sebalj Here’s a band that never reached the ultimate stardom some of their contemporaries (or country mates for that matter) have gained. They never had that one (two or three) song or album to propel them to greatness. Sure, “Villa Vampiria” is a regular part... Continue Reading →

Review: All My Sins – Plamen i led

All My Sins - Plamen i led (Casus Belli Musica / Beverina Productions) Review by Milos Sebalj Normally, I wouldn’t even consider a release like this. Let alone rush to buy it. When you announce a release containing two covers and an old song recorded again, you are running a huge risk of being accused... Continue Reading →

Review: Turia – Degen van Licht

Turia - Degen van Licht (Eisenwald) Review by Milos Sebalj If you, by any chance, come from Serbia, there is no way, looking at this band’s name, not to think about a place called Turija, renowned for its annual sausage festival. And why is that important for this review? It’s absolutely not, but I had... Continue Reading →

Review: Hangatyr – Kalt

Hangatyr - Kalt (Self-released) Review by Milos Sebalj Germany has a long tradition within Black Metal and most of it revolves very close to the original second wave Scandinavian school of the genre. A bit of an epic twist to the chilly atmosphere was notable, but it was never enough to spawn some more remarkable... Continue Reading →

Review: Tulus – Old Old Death

Tulus - Old Old Death (Soulseller Records) Review by Milos Sebalj When you read Norwegian Black Metal band, originated in 1991, what do you expect? Let me tell you one thing, I would never expect an album like ‘Old Old Death’! As I must have missed the history lesson where Tulus was explained, I have... Continue Reading →

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